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Last Updated 03/02/15
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we don’t breed often.   We may  however, have occasional availability that
will be placed with selected families.  Bringing a new puppy to your home
is a lifetime commitment, and we suggest researching the breed, talking
to responsible breeders, and taking the Westie Club of America new
owner questionnaire found here on this link
If after researching the breed and learning about our dogs you find
yourself interested in one of our puppies, please feel free to email us ,
and we will be glad to inform you about availability. We are very selective
to where we place our dogs , we conduct an interview and will place your
name on our waiting list if we believe is the right fit . Responsible
breeders have extensive knowledge of the breed and will make their best
efforts  to improve the breed by breeding to  the written standard and
giving their puppies and prospective families lifetime support.  These
individuals are generally members of the National Westie Club of America
and several local clubs. Moreover they will compete in events such as
conformation, agility, obedience, rally, tracking and earthdog.

Westies are a wonderful family pet, however they are not for all.  For
instance , the breed is not recommended for families having children
younger than 8 years old.  They are energetic dogs, they have extra large
teeth, strong bodies and are determined to have on her own way.  They
require training and firm leadership or they will rule the house.  The
correct guidance will enable owners to enjoy their wonderful
companions as westies are highly intelligent, trainable and eager to
We have puppies available, please
contact us for details