Starlight Westies


Westies have a double coat and should be groomed on a frequent
basis. Brushing should be done daily or every other day.
If you plan to show your dog you need to strip the coat every week,
so you have several layers of coat.
If you are not showing your dog you may choose to clip the coat,
that should be done every 2 or 3 months depending on the dog.
I do not recommend bathing Westies as it takes out their natural oil in
the skin, which protects the coat from the elements. Bathing the
whole body should be avoided; I generally bathe the head, belly and
furnishings when needed. Daily brushing and grooming will help to
keep the dog clean.

I groom Westies in Central Ohio by appointment.

Grooming includes: Bathing, nail and coat trimming
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